Jumat, 16 November 2012

Birthday Cake (Late)

Hello :D
Im so happy because I can ate cake on my birthday ^^
Wanna see it???

Let's check out~

This is my 14th birthday cake.
I choose it because cute smile and it is cat's face
And it is Sylvester face~
White and black mousse cream are dominated
My parent didn't ate this cake because there were alot of cream
So, I ate it alone after school hours

And this is my 15th birthday cake
Initially, I wanted the Black Forest cake
But my Mom suggest me to choose the rainbow cake
Only consist 6 colors??
Can you tell me what color are gone?
I got some colorful candles as freebie
My dad just ate a piece
And the other...
Me and my mom ate it

See you on next post ^^

Minggu, 11 November 2012

Wig Wishlish

Hello, guys ^^ I was saw the wig collection on Ryuuta Wig.
And I found some my favorite, so this is my wig wishlist :D
Check it out~
Code : HSA179G 
Color : Light Purple
Length: 70cm
Price : Rp. 160.000

Code : H6102
Color : Blonde Mix
Length :100 cm
Price : Rp. 300.000

Code : VW039A
Length: 70 cm
Price : -

Code : VW2019
Color :  Black
Length: 80 cm
Price : 175.000

Code : VW2026 
Color : Dark Brown
Length: 80 cm
Price : 175.000

Code : MW179
Color : Baby Pink
Length: 80 cm
Price : 150.000

Code : H7623A
Color : Peach Brown 
Length : 80cm
Price : -

How? Which one is your favorite?

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Moshimonster Screenshoot

Robo-Quack stole Lady Gogo's voice
Minime stone make you transform into baby

Morph stone make you transform into another monster/moshing, however it need a personal item
Sonic stone can hypnothic, so be carefull


Ancient letter



3 rox flower gave me 300 rox!



Bobi Singsong


Elder Furi's sbody

Happy fam

Big head

Baby ghost


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